Extractables in single-use systems used in ADC manufacturing

Single‑use (SU) systems have great potential for use in antibody‑drug conjugate (ADC) manufacturing. The use of organic solvents in the ADC process m...

June 19, 2024 | Wednesday | Product Spotlight
Empower the Next Wave of Pharmaceutical Breakthroughs with Molecule GEN's AI-Driven Innovation

Molecule GEN The process of drug discovery for bringing a new drug from the lab to the market often takes upwards of ten years and costs billions of dolla...

February 13, 2024 | Tuesday | Product Spotlight
Unleash the Future of Drug Discovery with Molecule GEN: Your AI Odyssey Begins Here!

In the fast-paced realm of drug discovery, Molecule GEN stands as a beacon of innovation, promising a quantum leap in the way we approach pharmaceutical br...

December 03, 2023 | Sunday | News
Three Ways Chromatography Data System Software Drives the Lab of the Future

CDS software serves as the primary interface for lab analysts, making user interface and user experience important considerations when being developed. Add...

October 23, 2023 | Monday | News
Industry 4.0 for USP 467: Unlocking Lab Productivity Potential

In today’s evolving industrial landscape, the concept of Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing various sectors by leveraging digitalization and automation ...

September 26, 2023 | Tuesday | News
Chasing Time: Gaining Efficiencies with Pressure-Balanced Headspace Sampling Technologies

This post continues the discussion of optimization opportunities for GC labs, focusing on headspace sampling for the efficient and automated analysis of vo...

August 18, 2023 | Friday | Reports
7 Factors to Consider When Choosing an HPLC Detector

Choosing the right HPLC detector for your workflow falls in the second category. Preparing to update, implement or adopt a new HPLC method requires to unde...

August 04, 2023 | Friday | Product Spotlight
Autophagy Signaling Pathways: Therapeutic Targets for Neurodegenerative Diseases

A hallmark of many neurodegenerative disorders is the accumulation of damaged or abnormally folded proteins. The impact of such intracellular accumulations...

July 27, 2023 | Thursday | Analysis
Redefining precision medicine with real-time insights

One notable technique is the utility of liquid biopsies to provide real-time insights into tumor evolution and treatment response. Liquid biopsies are part...

July 18, 2023 | Tuesday | News
Radioligand Binding Assays: From Opiate Receptors to Drug Discovery Mainstay

Using radioactive ligand binding methods, Dr. Snyder’s team found that the receptors were highly concentrated in areas of the brain involved in the s...

July 04, 2023 | Tuesday | Analysis
Looking for [Process] Validation in All the Right Places

With an effective process validation regimen – with proper documentation and protocol testing to address product identity, strength, quality, purity,...

July 04, 2023 | Tuesday | News
Mass Spectrometry Explained: 5 Application Areas for LC/MS/MS

LC/MS/MS instruments use two quadrupole mass analyzers in series, with a collision cell in between, to provide higher sensitivity and selectivity for targe...

June 22, 2023 | Thursday | News
Challenges and strategies for characterization of next-generation bispecific antibodies

But developing a bispecific antibody presents several challenges, including those related to dual binding, screening, pharmacodynamics, tissue tropism, and...

June 22, 2023 | Thursday | Analysis
Illuminating Cancer Research: What Tumor Burden Alone Can’t Tell You

Unlocking early biological changes Fluorescence imaging offers researchers a unique opportunity to understand the early biological changes associated with...

June 22, 2023 | Thursday | Analysis

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